The Galaxy of Yes understands that a vibrant community needs to have a high quality affordable day care and education facility to be truly sustainable. 

The society at large and the small community of Middlesex and the Galaxy of Yes will benefit from having a state of the art day care on the Colby Farm property. 

There is a crying need for this across the land. We envision a day care able to care for and nurture up to 150 kids on a daily basis. It is a drop in the societal bucket but a component as critical as clean water, and air and septic disposal. 

The residential units will be a variety of single family homes and multi-family homes and housing to support both a student and work force and cross section of our diverse socio-economic population.  

All of the development on the property will be served by the solar generation . 

We would allow one electric car to be parked at each residential unit. All other cars would be parked at the perimeter of the property.

We will investigate a shared car system of transportation for members and residents.

The neighborhoods will be built around open areas that will be used for parks, community gardens, neighborhood gatherings and building community.