Middlesex, Camp Meade and The Galaxy of Yes are situated in the center of the state. Middlesex is undergoing an exciting revitalization at this time.  

The Winooski River and water shed with the confluence of the Mad River are the binding arteries for all kinds of life over time. 

Route 2 parallels the  Winooski River, the railroad parallels the Winooski River and the old railroad station building is still standing in Middlesex on route 2, interstate I-89 parallels the Winooski River and the property is at and abuts the exit  on and off ramps.

These are the essential infrastructure elements that create enduring communities and sustainable positive economic  development. 

We imagine a day in the near future when commuter light rail stops at Middlesex again and people are able to travel near and far around the globe, from Middlesex, without needing to personally own a car. 

We are forty minutes from Burlington International airport.